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Target-Kroger Merger Not Happening?

Talk of a Kroger – Target merger had bubbled up over the weekend, creating some exciting discussion and speculation. But alas, news organization Reuters reported today there is no truth to the rumors, at least according to their source.

The excitement started when tech magazine Fast Company reported that the two companies were in possible merger talks, which sent shares of both companies up. However, now it looks like this may not be true.

Does a Kroger – Target merger even make sense?

This reported merger between Target and Kroger never made sense to me, as the two companies operate with very different approaches to their assortment and branding strategies. Therefore I am not surprised to hear these reports being denied.

You can read the Reuters article here.


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Why some retailers are opening more locations while others continue to close

In the midst of a seemingly darkening future as many well-known retailers continue to close their doors, there are a number of retailers who are actually expanding this year. Look for more Ulta, Target, Gap, Dick’s, Dollar General and Ross stores to open during 2018, which seems to buck the trend we’ve come to expect in retail.

Some growth despite bad news for others

Why are these retailers able to add locations as so many of their competitors shut their doors? Ulta, more than any retailer that I can think of, was the best at adapting to changing trends in consumer buying behavior, and for that reason, they are enjoying success.

In contrast, retailers such as Sears, Kmart, JC Penney and Toys R Us did not adjust well, and that’s why they are having problems.

To find out more about the strategy of these successful retailers, check out the original post by CNBC and linked by RetailWire, a uniquely engaging forum for the retailing industry.