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7 Common CPG Missteps to Avoid with a New Product

Navigating the CPG retail world is complex and intricate, and bringing a new product to market can be difficult, even for seasoned professionals. It’s important to look to an expert before you take the jump into the retail market. Here are 7 common CPG missteps I see people make that can sink their product before […]

22 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Broker

Here’s a news flash: It’s usually not a good practice to hire the first broker you meet. You really need to know who you are hiring before you actually hire them. The interview process can be a valuable learning experience for you and your business and is the best way to really understand and gain confidence […]

12 Tips for Killing it at the NACDS Total Store Expo

Making a great impression at the NACDS Total Store Expo is very important. Drawing on his years of real world experience attending this show, David Biernbaum has put together a list of 12 tips to help you make the most of your time at NACDS and form strong relationships to increase interest and placement of […]