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Manufacturers Urged to Consider Consultants

BUSINESS SESSION 1: SAN DIEGO — “Niche manufacturers are an important part of NACDS Marketplace, but these smaller companies typically are new to the industry and have a great deal to learn when it comes to successfully bringing their products to market. Looking to help inform these fledgling companies on the critical role of a […]

SKU Rationalization

David Biernbaum heading a Task Force Group to address retailer’s senior management about (SKU) over-rationalization. All Clients, Associates and Industry Friends:   To help reverse the current retail trend for omitting small brands, licenses, specialties and niche products from retail POG’s, I am teaming up with four distinguished colleagues (other consultants and industry leaders) on addressing […]

Prescription for Success in the CPG Retail Business

The Product In this age of SKU-rationalization, it’s critical your product has a defined market need, point of differentiation and good timing. The Right People The CPG retail industry is complex and unforgiving, with hundreds of hidden details and nuances.  Experience PAYS! The Right Appointments Retailers operate with specific category planning calendars.  It’s critical to […]