Celebrity endorsements, CPG Success

Celebrity Endorsements – The Secret to CPG Success

Celebrity endorsements can be a big win for your brand, especially when “little known” celebrities take off and become big stars. It’s a tried and true formula that has brought much success to many different brands.

Just a few years ago, one of my clients wanted to secure some celebrity endorsements for their new product, OraWave. We did some research and lined up a few “little known” celebrities to endorse their product. Little did we know that many of these minor, at the time, celebrities would go on to become big stars.

Even Adweek, arguably the most influential publication in the advertising industry, has recognized the power of relevant celebrity endorsements. Click here to see some recent examples of successful partnerships. 

Successful celebrity endorsements

Check out Rihanna, Katherine Heigl, Kate Walsh, Traci Bingham, James Denton and Tierra Mari holding their OraWave Pink Ribbon Twin Spin toothbrushes in the photo above. None were yet big stars when this photo was taken, but shortly thereafter they hit the big time and found fame. OraWave reaped the benefits of being associated with these up-and-coming celebrities and they increased their brand awareness dramatically.

There are many examples of successful celebrity endorsements: Neil Patrick Harris for Heineken Light, LeBron James for Nike and Sofia Vergara for Procter & Gamble for starters. Who would be your ideal celebrity to represent your brand?

Get started with your own celebrity endorsement

If you’ve got a product you think would benefit from a celebrity endorsement, and a budget for it, let’s talk. I have years of experience in developing celebrity brands and managing both talent and products to bring success and equity to new CPG brands.

Click here to send me an email about your brand and goals for celebrity endorsements. If I believe I can help, I will reach out to you and together we can implement a plan to help you increase your brand awareness with a well-suited celebrity endorsement.