1.MIS-MANAGEMENT OF BROKERS by failing to keep a highly experienced razor sharp eye on everything brokers do from the minute they receive samples. Also it is often “fatal” to send a broker alone to show your product to a buyer without adequate preparation, detail, and without a skilled master broker or highly seasoned sales executive to represent the brand in a comprehensive way.

2.INCOMPLETE RETAIL PRESENTATION without the essential elements of a comprehensive proposal.

3.BAD PACKAGE DESIGN for retail store shelf environment, consumer comprehension, target audience, etc.

4.WASTING YOUR FIRST MEETING with a retail buyer at a trade show or in his or her office.

5.NOT UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE COST and commitment to do business with retail.

6.BEING PRESSED INTO AN UNFAVORABLE DEAL by a retailer or broker that you will never overcome.

7.YOUR PRODUCT HITS THE SHELVES WITHOUT AN ACTION PLAN to drive sufficient velocity, and therefore the product is delisted after just a few months.

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