Prescription for Success in the CPG Retail Business

The Product

In this age of SKU-rationalization, it’s critical your product has a defined market need, point of differentiation and good timing.

The Right People

The CPG retail industry is complex and unforgiving, with hundreds of hidden details and nuances.  Experience PAYS!

The Right Appointments

Retailers operate with specific category planning calendars.  It’s critical to know the proper timing for all the people in the room—on both sides of the table.

The Right Presentation

Making a comprehensive proposal, with all the key retail elements, is essential to get the desired results.

The Right Package/Design

This is not merely a graphic artist’s function. Consumer package design will make or break your results on the retail shelves.  Poor velocity of sales is often attributed to the most “subtle” and minute detail.

The Right Marketing/Promotions and Ongoing Brand Management

Your product’s survival needs thoughtful planning, detailed attention and expert consultation.  This is vital from day one.  Slow movers are short lived in retail stores.